Direct Sale

Is it time to say goodbye?

There are many reasons that owners want to sell their land quickly: unexpected expenses, family emergencies, divorce, estates or maybe, your plans just changed. Whatever the reason, we can help. Our Direct Sale Option is for owners who want a quick sale with no hassles. Although you probably won’t receive the same proceeds as from a traditional sale, this might be for you.

Our Direct Sale Option:

You pay no closing cost

Sell without brokerage fees

✔ We handle title and closing

✔ We handle back taxes and liens

✔ Close quickly

Owner ProceedsTimingEffort
Land Brokerage💲💲💲  🕒🕒🔨🔨
Property Partnerships💲💲💲💲🕒🕒🕒🔨🔨
Direct Sale💲💲🕒🔨