Property Partnerships

Do you want to leave a legacy for your family?

Some families hang on to their land as a legacy for their children and grandchildren. While everybody wants to leave a legacy, patiently holding on to your property assuming it will only increase in value could spell trouble. Many factors out of your control can negatively affect land values.

Smothering government regulations have made it hard to understand what you can even do with your property. The inevitable march of regulations results in more restrictions on what you can do with your land. Instead of being subject to the whims of regulation, take action to get the most value from your property and partner with us.

Have you owned your land for a while?

If you’ve owned your land for a long time your property basis is probably low relative to its current value. What this means, is that you might have enough equity in your property to jump-start its development. Property development can turn your dormant land into a valuable, income-producing asset. Rather than holding on to your property indefinitely, why not convert it to a desirable asset.

We can help you evaluate the best development options for your property.

Consider a property partnership with us

Partnering with us to develop your property can result in the highest return for your property.

While this strategy is not for everyone, for some landowners it can be the best way to get the most value from their property. In this option we manage the entire development process and share the proceeds with you. Don’t go it alone. We can provide expert guidance with full transparency for owners interested in this option.